Folio Cookware Oval Mini Crock - 17.8cm (7")

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Folio Cookware brings a whole new level of cooking to the kitchen. These 4-ply ceramic, non-stick pots and casserole dishes are made of lightweight cast aluminum and feature an unbreakable body with excellent cold and heat retention.

  • Designed for stacking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water and soft cloth or sponge


Suitable for:

  • Oven use up to 230°C (450°F).


NOT Suitable for:

  • Electric, gas or induction hobs


Care guidelines:

While Folio Non-stick Cookware is not scratch resistant, the life and beauty of the non-stick coating can be prolonged with best care and use practices:

Do Do Not
  • Do use non-metal serving utensils
  • Do Not use with knives
  • Do use soft pads or brushes to remove residue before washing
  • Do Not use with metallic serving utensils
  • Do clean in a dishwasher—high temp/low chemical is best
  • Do Not use metallic scouring pads, green scrubbies, or abrasive cleaners
  • Do separate cookware in dish racks so they do not touch
  • Do Not use in microwave oven
  • Do always use a thick cloth or oven mitts to handle hot cookware
  • Do Not season cookware with cooking oils or non-stick sprays
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